Course conditions



Course: One or more days activity, training, education

Organization; Terroirwijncursussen en evenementen

Teacher: Person that tutors the course


By subscribing your participation is definitive, also by email confirmation, and you agree to the course conditions.


Course fee must be paid within 14 days of invoice date, at least 14 days before start of the course.

No timely received payment can result in annulment of your subscription by the organization while the subscriber stays liable for annulation costs.

Not paying your invoice does not annul your subscription.


A subscription can be annulled by email or post.

Up to 28 days before course start, costs are € 25,-,

28-14 days before the course 50 % of course fee,

Less then 14 days before start 100% of course fee.

All costs of claims by the organization regarding your subscription are for the student.


The organization can alter or annul a course at all times.

When the whole course or when more then 2 course dates are changed the student has the right to annul participation within 7 days after change is published and course fee will be paid back within 14 days.

The organization is not liable for any damages caused by an alteration / annulment of a course.


Absence of a lesson by the student gives no right to restitution of (part of) course fee.


Change in course date caused by illness of teacher or serious events unforeseen will allow students to attend the missed (part of) course on another time.

Missed lessons caused by illness of student can be followed on another time after consultation with the teacher.


A student is allowed to send a replacement by absence, then alternative lesson is not possible.


All your information is strictly confidential kept for your communication with the organization, unless you agree to share your email with the course group. During the course your age will be asked and send with your name and email to the WSET for your exam request.

Your information will never be used by Terroirwijncursussen for any commercial end nor shared with any third party unless you agree to this when asked.


The organization is not responsible/ liable for any damages during or in consequence of the course, specially the consequences of the use of alcohol.

Students are asked to spit out the tasted wines, swallowing the alcohol is the responsibility of the student.

When the organization is responsible for falling short and damages occur, the organization is liable only for the amount of the paid course fee.

Minimum age for participation is 18 years.


In case of serious conflict the organization reserves the right to exclude a student of further participation, course fee will be repaid along costs and followed lessons.

Applicable Law

Dutch law is applicable to these conditions.