English Wine Course WSET

Internationally recognized Intermediate wine course Level 2 ( English-spoken),

by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

This level 2 wine course is appropriate for beginners and no preceding wine knowledge is required.

START OF THE NEXT COURSE; TUESDAY 18 September 2018 ( 19.30-22.30)

A clear and strong base course with richly illustrated theory, and at least 8 + appropriate wines to be tasted each lesson, will be given in 7 evenings of +/_  3 hours, followed by the exam.


Starting with theory, in class the tasting of wine will get a lot of attention. Using the Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine from the WSET, one learns the basics of quality in wine and how to recognize it. Helping you to find out and understand which wine style or grapevariety you prefer, making choices easier buying wine in restaurants and wineshops.



-In the vineyard; the concept of ” terroir”, how grapes are grown

-Basics of winemaking: what is wine and how it is made

-Main grape variety’s and their styles and qualities

-The main wine production area’s of the “old” and “new” world

-Label reading: what’s on and behind the label

-Suggestions in matching food and wine

-Sparkling, sweet and fortified wines


The complete course fee is  € 535,- including VAT  and covers;

  • The WSET course and  studypack,
  • Tutoring by a WSET master and Approved Program Provider, APP
  • Tasting over 60 wines and ending each class with some cheese and or charcutery
  • Internationally acknowledged WSET level 2 exam with certificate( if passed exam).

Classes are held in SOUS, 1e Helmersstraat 69 sous 1054 DC Amsterdam.

Passing the exam enables you to follow the WSET level 3 Advanced Course with Terroir wine courses!




THE WSET LEVEL 3, Advanced course meant for;

The more experienced winetaster who already knows about wine and is in search of a more structural, in depth wine knowledge and systematic wine tasting technique.

The course will take you through the vineyard and wine cellars and explains the vini and viti culture techniques, tasting appropriate premium wines and visit the most important wine regions of the world.

With the famous Systematic Approach to Tasting of the WSET analytical tasting is intensively practiced to learn to assess the quality and style of the tasted wines.

Although this Level 3 course is the seemless follow up of the Level 2 course, one can attend this course also with otherwise aquired knowledge, in terms of tasting experience and/or other courses.

In this elaborate course of 12 evenings of +/- 3 hours the following subjects will be treated;

  • Important aspects if viticulture.
  • Important aspects of vinification and its techniques.
  • An elaborate tasting of premium wines and a vast quantity of grapevarieties.
  • The most important wines and wineregions of the world.
  • Sparkling and Fortified wines.

THIS COURSE STARTS ON Monday 17 September 2018!



The complete course fee is  € 1075,- including VAT  and covers;

  • The WSET course and  studypack,
  • Tutoring by a WSET master and Approved Program Provider, APP, with Power Point Presentation and guest tutors like Frank Smulders MW.
  • Tasting over 80 wines ( worth more then € 1250,-) and ending each class with some cheese or charcutery
  • Internationally acknowledged WSET level 3 exam with diploma ( if passed exam).

The exam will be held in English with 50 multiple choice questions , 4 open questions and a wine tasting exam with the assessment of two wines.


Classes are held at  SOUS, 1e Helmersstraat 69 sous 1054 DC Amsterdam. 

Dates; Monday 17 September 2018 and then almost every week.

For questions or remarks, please feel free to contact the tutor, Lysander Dols at

mail@terroirwijncursus.nl/mobile 00 31 6 143 10 992